Ebike Liner was designed for mass production. We developed and built few prototypes for one big company.  The top version has a lot of privileges…

I want to start with electric part of this city bicycle. The engine is “Legal” in all coutries in the world. It has a torque-sensor. This sensor works like a smart pedal assistant. It reads how hard you are pushing on pedals and imparking the right amount of torque to make your ride smooth and easy going. There are 5 different types of “Assist”, from “eco” to “power”…

Other important part is the battery. It’s Li-ION with 20 Ah. It helps you to ride around 90 – 100 km per charge (depent on your speed). The battery tank is removable.

Other features:
– soft fork with suspension;
– belt-drive instead chain;
– internal gear hub;
– etc.