Moby dick

This bike turned out very sharp and agressive. On the other hand it’s very soft to ride. All geometry of this cruiser based on the sizes of our customer. This bike is one of the winners on the “World Kustom Cup”.

Frame was made in Europe, but our team was take a decission to make some changes, like a new seat-tube, bottom bracket BSA type and etc. Fork… Fork integrated with handlebar. It also has a susspention with oil dempfer. Thats why the ride on this bike is very soft easy.

Wheel set is not very compicated. 26 inches wheels based on 100 mm rims and 3,5″ semi-slick tyres.

A lot of attention was payed to the seat. It has very extraordinary shapes. On the top of the seat there are two pillows leather-covered. On the bottom there are two springers.